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Towards eco-responsible Nuits Lyriques

Les Nuits Lyriques is committed to a greener future

We are convinced that associations have a real social responsibility.

This is why, since 2019, we have been committed to an eco-responsible approach to sustainable development. In doing so, we are consistent with the territorial anchoring of our activities and our desire to continuously improve our practices.

The initial measures we have taken are a foundation on which we will build a more responsible future with each edition:

Anti-waste practices that include, at a minimum, turning off all electrical appliances at the end of the day, reducing heating, turning off all lights, as well as reducing the consumption of office supplies, and using non-disposable dishes for all receptions.
Evolution of our Communication with, since 2 years, a reduction of 50% of our paper consumption. By reducing the weight of our communication media and the format of our posters, by reducing the quantity of printed documents and by favouring sending them by email without printing.
The use of the train rather than car or plane for the travel of artists performing during the festival (through a preferential reimbursement on the basis of the train ticket)
Prioritization of local suppliers and service providers to limit the transport of goods. The artists and technicians, the teams, the volunteers, are primarily and largely from Marmande and its vicinity or from the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region.
A "greener computing" with the acquisition of reconditioned equipment, in particular from Ateliers du Bocage.
Promote the use of new digital tools by the singers in the competition (digital scores instead of paper scores).
The choice of the company OVH for the hosting of our website and emails. OVH is the only server hosting company to use liquid cooling and airflow optimization which allows it to be more energy efficient than its competitors who use air conditioning and therefore a major advantage for the environment.
Reuse by recycling of decors and accessories. Priority is given to second-hand furniture.
Cleaning up email boxes and deleting messages and stored data that are no longer relevant or too old

Goals for the next editions of the Nuits Lyriques

– the use of non-disposable tableware (glasses and plates) for all our receptions (we are currently at 70% of non-disposable),

– the implementation of a good practice approach for all volunteers who participate in the organization of the festival,

– the absence of plastic water bottles for all the participants of the International Singing Competition (candidates, jury, pianists, public),… In the long run, we are thinking of providing free water during the Festival and the International Singing Competition, which would settle, once and for all, the presence of plastic bottles during the event.