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Opera in the Meadow !

“L’Opéra est dans le Pré” (The Opera is in the Meadow) of the Nuits Lyriques was a project initially imagined within the framework of the Participatory Budget set up by the Department of Lot-et-Garonne.

We chose to pursue our dream by finding the means to realize this project of Opera is in the meadow!

Objectives of the project

  • To bring lyrical art to life in village squares, in small and very small towns in “cultural white zones”.
  • To invest, in the field of classical and lyrical music, initially in the territory of the Pays Val-de-Garonne, Guyenne, Gascogne and then extend to the Department of Lot-et-Garonne.
  • To bring the Opera closer to distant audiences thanks to the installation of an itinerant and equipped stage-truck.

Thanks to the extreme mobility of the “Roulotte-Opéra”, this project, supported by Les Nuits Lyriques, will offer the programming of itinerant mini-recitals in small towns in the region.

These recitals will feature young lyric artists in professional integration, from the International Singing Competition of Marmande, or in the process of training.

The program may be supported by instrumental mini-concerts, in collaboration with the Aquitaine Symphony Orchestra.

This musical itinerary, in all simplicity and conviviality, will take the name of “l’Opéra est dans le Pré“.