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We are committed to

The Nuits Lyriques signatories
of the Diversity Charter

We are committed to the 4,100 signatories of the Diversity Charter

to fight against discrimination and promote diversity within our association and our events.
We are convinced that diversity is an essential part of
the Nuits Lyriques a challenge of economic and social performance. By placing it at the heart of our strategy, it becomes an advantage whose impact is felt in particular on our creativity and competitiveness.


- Diversify recruitment, respect the principles of non-discrimination in order to be in accordance with the law. - Establish equality of treatment between all individuals
- Enforcing regulations


- Tend to correct existing inequalities
- Addressing groups of potential population more discriminated
- Deploying positive actions


- Mobilizing the whole employees around a common goal
- Recognize everyone in its differences and potentialities
- Include diversity in the strategy of the organization.

our commitments

1 - Raise awareness and train our governance and leaders involved in recruitment, training and career management, and then gradually all volunteers, to the issues of non-discrimination and diversity.
2 - Promote the application of the principle of non-discrimination in all its forms in all acts of management and decision making of the association.
3 - Promote the representation of the diversity of French society in all its forms of expression. differences and its richness, the cultural, ethnic and social components.
4 - Communicating our commitment to all our employees as well as our customers, partners and suppliers, in order to encourage them to respect and the deployment of these principles.
5 - Regularly evaluate progress. Translated with (free version)

Where are we in 2020?

Parity of
the Board of Directors

Our governance is equal since the Board of Directors is made up of 50% women and 50% men.

Women's General Assembly

The General Assembly sees Women in the majority.

Parity of

In 2020 and 2021, 50% of the Intermittents (Artists and technicians) present in our activities are women and 50% men.

A competition dominated by women

At the International Singing Competition, 71% of the candidates are women.

78% of the Grand Prizes awarded since 1989 have gone to female singers.

Fighting discrimination

The Brigades Lyriques work towards the inclusion of people with disabilities or difficulties in adapting through culture.

The Maison Arc-en-ciel of Marmande participates in the organization of an evening of the Festival.

Helping young people start their careers

We have an agreement to welcome civic service volunteers who start their professional life by carrying out a mission of general interest within our association.

Présence Compositrices Prize

The Présence Compositrices Prize, created by Les Nuits Lyriques and the Présence Compositrices promotion and resource center, aims to promote the richness of the repertoire of French women composers by proposing it within the International Singing Competition, in the Melody categaory. This prize offers support to these works composed by women so that they can obtain the necessary visibility among artists, and then the public, to become an integral part of the musical offer and participate in its diversity and inclusiveness.

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The Jury of the Competition

The Jury of the International Singing Competition of Marmande is composed solely of personalities who are able to propose engagements to the candidates. They are potential employers who come to listen to singers at the beginning of their career.

Unfortunately, despite our efforts in this direction, the composition of the Jury does not reflect our desire to welcome general managers, casting directors, artistic directors…

In 2022, for example, we invited 10 women and, mainly for scheduling reasons, only 1 confirmed her presence. We have invited 17 men and 12 are present.

and we work every day to do more and better...

The Nuits Lyriques are respectful of differences and diversity.