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Symphonists of Aquitaine

When Philippe Mestres became Music Director of the Nuits Lyriques in 1995, the Orchestre des Symphonistes d’Aquitaine, created that same year, accompanied the opera productions.

After the work carried out at the Théâtre Comoedia, Les Nuits Lyriques de Marmande has a tool that meets the professional requirements of its productions, including an orchestra pit.

The Symphonistes d’Aquitaine are now an essential partner in the artistic quality of Les Nuits Lyrique productions.

In the heart of Aquitaine, at the confluence of the Lot and the Garonne, Marmande has been offering a rich and diversified cultural life for over 25 years, where music in general and so-called “classical” music have found a privileged place.

Alongside the “Nuits lyriques”, the “Concours International de chant” and the Maurice-Ravel Conservatory, the Orchestre des Symphonistes d’Aquitaine – OSA – in residence in Marmande since its creation in 1995 ,has been able, over the seasons and under the guidance of its musical director Philippe Mestres:

– to bring together musicians and soloists of the highest calibre around an ambitious project
– passionately promote the great repertoire of symphonic, concertante and lyrical music,
– commission and present musical creations
– forge strong links with new audiences (especially schools)

This artistic and human challenge has developed season after season, “note after note”, supported by public (City of Marmande, Lot-et-Garonne Departmental Council, Aquitaine Regional Council, DRAC) and private institutions, and also by the faithful support of an audience that is always curious, enthusiastic and numerous.

With, in its repertoire, more than 300 concert programs, about fifteen creations (Philippe Laval, Thierry Alla, Michel Fusté-Lambezat…), more than 40 lyrical works, the orchestra has acquired a true musical maturity and today enjoys an artistic recognition that allows it to meet many renowned artists (from Sarah Nemtanu to Michel Portal, including Hervé N’Kaoua, Bruno Maurice, Jacques Di Donato, Beatrice Uria-Monzon and many others…).

These first-rate artistic meetings also represent opportunities to carry out ambitious projects for schoolchildren…

Today, thanks to the relevance of its programmes, the richness of its educational proposals and the professional quality of its services, the OSA is fully integrated into the regional urban and rural cultural landscape and extends well beyond its confluent borders.

Its general objective remains unchanged: to reach out resolutely to all audiences with a constant artistic demand and a strong desire for artistic, cultural and human sharing.
Its objectives:
– to introduce the vast symphonic and lyrical repertoire, also including creations by contemporary composers.
– to offer a symphonic proximity offer to programmers in large cities but also in decentralized cities in rural areas.
– to bring the general public closer to its musical heritage.
– to program leading soloists.
– present a dynamic concert formula.

The conductor presents the works, without magical effect, giving the audience the “keys” for an active and pleasant listening.