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Les Nuits Lyriques and Génération Opéra
create the Prix Génération Opéra for Young Singers
at the International Singing Competition in Marmande

Serving young singers at the beginning of their career

Génération Opéra (formerly the Centre Français de Promotion Lyrique) is an association under the French law of 1901 that brings together the majority of opera stage managers in France, as well as some in Switzerland, Belgium and Germany.

Its mission is to detect, promote and integrate young opera artists into the professional world. Now chaired by Jérôme Gay, the association wishes to give a new dynamic to its action in favor of young artists in line with the evolution and current contingencies of the profession, while encouraging synergies between opera houses.

Génération Opéra will award a prize of 1,000 euros at the 34th International Singing Competition in Marmande.