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The Brigades Lyriques

What's this?

Les Brigades Lyriques Itinérantes have only one objective: to make Lyric Art accessible to all.

We reach out to new audiences, in companies, cooperatives, schools, leisure centers, markets, public squares,… and even theaters. An offbeat approach to opera, either in the form proposed, or in the chosen venue, or in the selected repertoire.

We want to desacralize the lyrical repertoire (operas, comic operas and operettas) whose image remains, wrongly, elitist whereas it is popular and gathers all the audiences of all the ages.

The Impromptus Lyriques of the Brigades Lyriques Itinérantes allow everyone to approach opera and to have a first contact with this repertory, and then to enter the theater during the Nuits Lyriques of Marmande.

The principle of the Project

Free Impromptus Lyriques: the artists travel to meet audiences who are far from the Lyric Arts (employees, people with psychological or adaptation difficulties, rural areas, etc.) at their workplaces, residences, etc., where they perform 20 minutes of excerpts from the show.

Shows in their entirety, with a pricing policy adapted to accommodate the greatest number, with a varied repertoire and not only oriented towards opera. A show within the reach of all, which takes you by the hand and makes you discover, with a casual touch, different musical genres.

Opera for all

2023: Women Composers!

Clarisse DALLES - Soprano

In 2023, the Brigades Lyriques Itinérantes will honor women composers in collaboration with Présence Compositrices.


To ensure that music lovers are no longer deprived of a repertoire that deserves to be known!

Clarisse DALLES, Soprano – Winner of the 2021 International Singing Competition

Anne LE BOZEC, Pianist

The program includes works by Nadia Boulanger, Elsa Barraine and Henriette Puig-Roget

May 4, 2023 – 8:30 pm

Petit Théâtre de Marmande

Normal rate : 10 € – Reduced rate : 8 €

*subject to change

in collaboration with



Through this exhibition, we propose to you to penetrate in a kind of parallel universe!

The one that the History of music with a capital H has decided to leave aside for centuries. As if it did not exist. As if the thousands of names and works that represent the musical creation of women had no value. And as if this denial of existence could have no consequences.

You will discover the destinies of many women for whom music, composition, art, were sometimes everything. And for whom they fought, often obstinately, sometimes with the energy of despair; with also joys, successes, small or bigger victories.

From April 22 to May 13, 2023

Tiers-lieu Quai 31 of Marmande

Free entrance

Reaching out to everyone