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The Brigades lyriques Itinérantes give carte blanche to the Compagnie Divague and Clémentine Decouture (Laureate of the 2015 Competition) who offer us 2 shows for all audiences:


Thursday 3 December 2020

at 180 à Ste Bazeille


Friday, December 4, 2020

 at 180 à Ste Bazeille

Les Brigades Lyriques Itinérantes : What is it ?

The Brigades Lyriques Itinérantes have only one objective: to make Lyric Art accessible to all.

We reach out to new audiences, in companies, cooperatives, schools, leisure centres, markets, public squares,… and even theatres. A staggered approach to Opera, either in the form proposed, or by the chosen venue, or in the selected repertoire.

We want to desacralise the lyric repertoire (operas, comic operas and operettas) whose image remains, wrongly, elitist whereas it is popular and brings together audiences of all ages.

The Lyric Impromptus of the Itinerant Lyric Brigades allow everyone to approach the Opera and to have a first contact with this repertoire, and then to enter the theatre during the Nuits Lyriques de Marmande.

The principle of the project :

Free Lyric Impromptus: the artists travel to meet audiences who are far from Lyric Art (employees, people with psychological or adaptation difficulties, rural areas,…) in their workplaces, residences,… where they perform 20 minutes of excerpts from the show.

A Show in its entirety, with a pricing policy adapted to welcome the greatest number, with a varied repertoire and not only oriented towards opera. A show within everyone’s reach, which takes you by the hand and makes you discover, in a simple way, different musical genres.

From Granados to Gerschwin, Britten to Piaf, Lorca to Nougaro and Bizet to Disney…



with Clémentine Decouture, Soprano

Benjamin Valette, Guitarist

Benoit Levesque, Contrebassist

Love, a feeling of affection and attachment, makes us discover a wide range of different emotions and expressions, from passionate desire and romantic love to the tenderness of family love or the spiritual devotion of religious love.

Love with a capital A, muse of music since the time of the Troubadours, this is what the new recital created by “La Compagnie Divague” offers you in this programme combining classical music and songs of yesteryear, travelling through the centuries and through styles .

Immediate boarding in this love trip with an original formation for voice and string instruments.



with Clémentine Decouture, Soprano

Guillaume Tarbouriech, Actor

Romain Jurmande, Harpist

Young Audience Show reserved for school children

Petit-Jacques lived happily with her mother and the animals on her farm until a wicked merchant threatened to evict them from their home. After growing mysterious magic beans up to the sky, Petit-Jacques discovers a wonderful world, where there are singing flowers, a fairy, a magic harp and also… a scary ogre. But wouldn’t this ogre have the solution to all of Petit-Jacques’ problems?…

Petit-Jacques et le Monde-aux-merveilles is a show for the general public, to discover lyrical art in a poetic and accessible way.

Freely inspired by the English tale Jack and the Magic Bean, it takes the form of a Lyrical Tale, i.e. the alternation between a three-voice narration (which develops the story) and arias for soprano and harp which develop the situations and characters of the tale’s characters in a musical language. All of this with the support of drawing.

Les Brigades Lyriques Itinérantes are supported by :