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Les Nuits Lyriques

For 34 years, our vocation has been to promote Lyric Art, from Marmande, by promoting young professional artists.

Les Nuits Lyriques de Marmande received
the “Europe for Festivals,
Festivals for Europe” 2022 – 2023

From emotion to fraternity

History is tragic.

The events in Ukraine are a reminder of this sad truth to all those who have forgotten.

However, even in the darkest hours, we have no choice but to keep hope in our common humanity, against all odds.

Opera, which originated in the West, has become over the centuries a universal heritage that expresses, from Paris to New York, through Moscow, Kiev and Shanghai, the same emotions rooted in the depths of the human soul.

The Nuits Lyriques 2022 want to bear witness to this message of humanism and universality.

Through the Brigades Lyriques in the spring, the Festival and the Competition in the summer, magnificent international artists invite us to share, to feel emotion and to share brotherhood.

Happy Nuits Lyriques 2022

Philippe Mestres
Musical director

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Nuits Lyriques de Marmande

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Théâtre Comoedia

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