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The Volunteers

3 questions
to thiphaine

Nuits Lyriques Volunteer

became a professional hairdresser in the performing arts


When you were a teenager, you chose to become a volunteer for the Nuits Lyriques de Marmande, can you explain to us what led to this commitment?

It all started after I shared with my family the serious desire to specialise in hairdressing for shows and movies. I had already identified schools in Lyon and Paris as well as places likely to welcome me for internships. Naturally, my godmother, herself a volunteer at the festival, came up with the idea. She talked to the team and the hairdresser who was already there, to find out if my integration was possible.
They accepted! And it was off !


What memories do you keep of your time with our association and of this event?
A striking, magical and brutal memory at the same time. You should know that I was looking for my “real” place in my professional environment. At the time, I was passing my Brevet Pro, full of doubts about my future. The world of hairdressing salons did not appeal to me, I didn’t feel completely at ease and fulfilled. I had the feeling that I was made for hairdressing but… in a particular, more creative setting.
I remember that the world of circus, theatre and cinema attracted me, even fascinated me. My “encounter” with this world within the Nuits Lyriques, with the artists, technicians and volunteers was going to be decisive for me and my future choices.
A memory of great excitement… but also a lot of fears.


Today, you work for some of the biggest names (Jean-Paul Gaultier’s Fashion Freak Show, Théâtre Mogador, Disneyland Paris, …), can we say that your voluntary commitment to Nuits Lyriques has contributed, modestly, to the construction, if not of your professional career, of your taste for the performing arts?
Of course it has! This voluntary participation has been a determining factor.
In concrete terms, for me, it all really began thanks to the Nuits Lyriques de Marmande. It was a key moment, a real test for my motivation, which obviously went much deeper than I thought at the time.

I was certain after that first experience that the road would be difficult, but the wonder, fulfilment and adrenaline I felt during the hairstyling and the glances towards the stage exceeded all my fears. I distinctly remember going home on the third day, torn between tears and euphoria, thinking to myself, “OK, this is crazy but I know this is the world for me! I’ve got to go for it !

This commitment was a wise idea to start, with lucidity, the professional life of my dreams.


They are teachers, craftsmen, accountants, secretaries… and during the Nuits Lyriques, they become costume designers, decorators, props designers, assistant directors, presenters of the candidates, logistics experts…

Behind the scenes, they bring the Nuits Lyriques to life and participate in its organisation. They are the strength of the Festival and the International Singing Competition…

You wish to take part in this musical and lyrical adventure! Then sign up to become a Volunteer to support and participate in the cancelled activities of the Nuits Lyriques!