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Brigades Lyriques

With their Impromptus, the Itinerant Lyric Brigades reach out to new audiences, in companies, cooperatives, schools, leisure centers, markets, public squares,… A staggered approach to the Opera, either in the form proposed, or by the chosen venue, or in the selected repertoire.


allow everyone to approach the Opera and to have a first contact with this repertory to, then, cross the doors of the theater during the summer festival of the Nuits Lyriques de Marmande.

The artists travel to meet audiences who are far away from Lyric Art (employees, people with psychological or adaptation difficulties, rural areas, …) in their workplaces, residences, … where they perform 20 minutes of excerpts from the show.

Brigades Lyriques

The public, met on these occasions, benefit from exceptionally advantageous price conditions to discover the Show in its entirety represented in the following days.

The Partners of Impromptus 2021

The Maison Arc-en-Ciel and the Day Hospital of Marmande are our partners for the organization of the Impromptus Lyriques 2021.

The Maison Arc En Ciel is entirely managed by its users, helped by volunteers. It is a place of activity that is also a place of exchange and refuge. Most of the users come from Psychological Medical Centers, but there are also workers from Centers for Help through Work, disabled people who are not known to the psychiatric sector.

The Cité de la Formation de Marmande offers work-study training in a wide variety of fields (sales, management, sports, dog grooming, etc.). We will propose an Impromptu Lyrique which will allow this public to discover the Lyric Art.

Since 2009, and its anchorage in social work training, ADES has been able to develop a real culture around access to apprenticeship contracts.

High school students are not forgotten by the Brigades Lyriques Itinérantes, who go to meet classes.

Students from Labrunie elementary school in Marmande, Sainte Bazeille and Fourques met with Anne-Sophie Vincent, Mezzo, and Stéphane Trébuchet, pianist, during a privileged moment of sharing during which they were able to discover the profession of lyric singer and ask all their questions. They then attended the free recital “Voyage en Terres Hispaniques”.

The Espace 180 in Ste Bazeille will host the performance of “Cabaret Frictions” on November 6, 2021, as part of a co-production partnership with the Nuits Lyriques.